What Makes Sonic The Hedgehog Such An Addictive Game

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What Makes Sonic The Hedgehog Such An Addictive Game
Sonic The Hedgehog has been a favorite game for generations of gamers. Ever since its first release on the no scrapped Sega gaming console, it has dominated the market as one of the timeless classics in the side scrolling or platformer type games. When the game was first released, it introduced a lot of new features in to the genre and they put together form part of the reason why the game is so very popular even now. The other reason behind its success is the fact that it is an ingenious game that has no rivals.
The original Sonic the Hedgehog game was the only one of its kind. Meant to give serious competition to the other famous platformers like Mario, not only did it succeed in achieving that goal, it went on to become of the most played games in its genre. The game’s main character, Sonic the hedgehog, also became an overnight superstar and soon starred in his own animated series and comic books. Sonic himself is also part of this phenomenal success. His speed, his quirky character (who ever has heard of a blue hedgehog!) and his absolutely lovable friends make him a winner of a main character for a game.

Character loyalty is often the main reason why sequels continue to sell. But with the Sonic series of games, Sega actually made things better in the sequels by adding features like the spindash and also enhancing the game and the storyline as much as possible.

The gameplay is actually at the core of the addictive nature of the game. If it had not enticed players with its gameplay, it would’ve become another one of the many forgotten games made and released by Sega. Sonic The Hedgehog is a game that lives up to the theme that the main character propagates and that is speed.

The main talk around Sonic is that he can move faster than sound itself. So if the game did not reflect that, it would’ve been just a gimmick. But the game utilizes the concept brilliantly and speed is central to the entire game. You will realize as you play it that Sonic actually cannot move uphill without building up momentum first. But when he does move, there is little that can stop him. Solid walls and spikes do it quite well though.

The rings in the game are another fun part. You can collect them just as you collect coins in the Mario world. But the rings do a lot more than just give you points and extra life. They protect Sonic from hits by scattering all over the place. In certain cases, you can actually recollect them. And the speed also does not mean that accuracy can be done without. Sonic needs to speed up, slow down and stop at very strategic locations to successfully finish an ‘act’. All of this put together makes the game very fun to play yet challenging to play. And well all know by now that this is the one combo that will always hook the gamers.

Too Human The Game – A Breathtaking Action Game

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Too Human The Game – A Breathtaking Action Game
Too Human, the third-person epic action game from renowned Canadian developer Silicon Knights. As the cybernetic god Baldur, players are thrust into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind.

According the storylines, an ancient machine presence has forced the God’s hand. In the first of a three part trilogy, Baldur is charged with defending mankind from an onslaught of monstrous war machines bent on eradication of human life. Players are treated to a nonstop barrage of action powered by the seamless integration of scuffle and ranged firearms combat. The Defender is the heavily armored tank option, with Bio Engineer the surrogate Mage, able to heal him and others. This high-concept action game with plenty of RPG-styled depth from the developers has created Eternal Darkness for Gamecube.

In this gameplay, battles unfold in awesome scale as players engage in spectacular battles with vast numbers of enemies. Successful attacks fill a combo meter, which can be used to deploy eliminators and the radial smart-bomb attacks vary from weapon to weapon. The game offers players with different enemy types, some requiring firearms attacks to remove their shields, but as they swarm around there’s always a chance to go for any tactical play. There is also a provision for Co-operative play which can be enjoyable as long as both players are around the same level.

In an overall glimpse, Too Human is an action/role-playing game that is gaining a world-wide impact from the gamers for its mission behind the storyline that team with breathtaking visuals.

NCAA 10 Football Video Game Features

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NCAA 10 Football Video Game Features
A new NCAA Football game from EA is up and coming. The game NCAA Football 2010 is hitting the shelves on July and we are dying to know what new features they have added to this great game. There has been a lot of talk on online forums and blogs. And the hype just keeps growing. Here are features you could expect from this new game.

One feature that most NCAA fans will appreciate is the ???Create a School feature. Fans will surely enjoy creating their own schools which will keep them asking for more. Build their team to be the best. This will keep the game fresh and open for new possibilities. Together with this feature is the ???Team Builder feature. This will include pre-loaded logos as well as allow players to upload their own.

Another feature you should look out for is the ???Procedural Awareness feature. This feature gives players the ability to turn their head. The engine automatically focuses on what the player is looking at and calculates the amount of time it takes before the action the player plans to do actually happens. This makes the game a lot more realistic.

Another feature is the ???Adaptive AI feature. One of NCAA Football 2010s best features is Adaptive AI. This feature will mix things up instead of doing the same plays over and over again. For example, you do a play over and over; the AI of the opposing team will change plays to counter yours. If you pass a lot at the same position they will counter you by putting a man there. This feature is really a blessing. It will not only give us more of a challenge, it will be like playing in the real game.

The ???Game Planning feature is a very interesting one. You would be able to adjust how each and every player in your team plays. On the other hand, with its potential to give you those big plays comes potential for disaster. This feature will make you fine tune your team, for those very specific plays. This is definitely a big plus for NCAA Football 2010.

All these features sure are things to look forward to. These arent all the features announced, but these are some of the most interesting. Every player old and new will definitely look forward to EAs upcoming NCAA Football 10 game. So mark your calendars for this games release.

Sonic The Hedgehog – A Game For All Ages

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Sonic The Hedgehog – A Game For All Ages
The most important factor that contributed immensely to the worldwide success of Sonic the Hedge is that it is a game for all ages. There are not many games based on Sonic the Hedgehog that could be categorized as the game suitable for people belonging to a certain age group. The newer versions and constant updates of the Sonic the Hedgehog games also attract the game lovers that keep coming back for more. Today, most of the games inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog are available in multiplayer game mode. This makes the games more interesting. The gamers don’t get bored of it easily as they compete with other gamers instead of just playing it by themselves.
It all started in the year 1991 when Sega introduced its first Sonic the Hedgehog game to the world on its Genesis gaming system and became the immediate hit among the people of all ages. Sega created it in order to compete with then popular game by Nintendo based on famous character Mario. Since then Sonic has grown big and today it can easily be considered one of the most popular characters of the gaming world. Millions of copies of Sonic the Hedgehog series have been sold throughout the world and is still going strong, making it the most lovable game among the people of all ages.

The blue hedgehog called Sonic has the ability to run faster than the speed of sound. This character and its distinctive ability has been a huge part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series game play. His main enemy is the notorious Dr. Ivo Robotonik and his creation of wicked subordinates. Tails, a fox with two tails, which has the ability to fly by just spinning his tail, is the best friend of Sonic.

There are number of Sonic the Hedgehog series games and they all belong to different genres. This diversity of Sonic the Hedgehog games also contributed a lot to its popularity across the different age groups. Sonic also featured in number of others games created by Sega as their signature character. Most of the famous old games are converted to flash games and can be played online. An upcoming sequel of popular game featuring Mario and Sonic based on Olympic theme has been announced to be released in 2009.

Many people not only find Sonic the Hedgehog games interesting but also addictive. They love to play them for hours. They simply want to go on till the end or just beat the highest score set by another player. Many people are just intrigued by the story line and want to know about the events that will happen next. Story line is another reason why Sonic the Hedgehog games are liked by people of all ages. It just simply grabs the gamer urging him to continue in order to know more.

You can play some of the stunning and captivating flash games based on Sonic the Hedgehog character that are listed on our site.

Game Addiction is a Normal Habit

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Game Addiction is a Normal Habit
Being an addict is okay, a game addict that is. Video games in today’s society are an integral part of many lives. However, the habit that was once only associated with children and young adults is now spanning to all ages. An addictive game will usually lure you right from the start. Some games use bright coloured graphics to catch your attention or higher decibels of sound from the beginning. These are only a couple of traits developers have when trying to capture an audience. Most notably, any addictive game has great game play that will keep the player coming back.
Today’s gaming audience has an idea of what they believe is a great game. If the player cannot become emotionally attached to it, why would they continue to play? Graphics are not the end all, be all when it comes to a game. If that were the case, many of the old 8-bit cartridges many of us played as children would have no merit when comparing great games. Those games as a rule did not have the best graphics, but many of the classics from that era had great game play and controls that made it easy to slip into the games world.

The most popular and addicting games of this era seem to be massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. These games have exploded throughout the internet and charge fees to play online with others. Where developers have been smart with this type of genre is the idea of playing alongside other human players achieving the same goals as yourself. Many of these games offer free trials to get you into the game, but be forewarned that this genre of game has become the most addicting and time consuming of the entire gaming world. The ability to interact with others to work towards a common goal.

The one main thing to remember is that when the game is over, it’s over. The already thin of reality and fiction ends when it powers down. People each and every year spend endless amounts of hours playing video games leading their game addictions even further into completely ridiculous. Some people don’t stop playing until they’ve fully completed an entire game, and this is truly a worst case scenario for gaming addiction. It is not wrong to be addicted to gaming, but you need to remember that there are more things in life then games.

Don’t find yourself shutting out everything else in life because you found that one truly addicting video game, but at the same time don’t feel bad for playing it when you have free time to do so. There is always time to sit back and relax while playing a few video games and there may be instances where you loose track of time, but don’t find yourself skipping out on important activities to sit and play games all day and night long. Game addiction can be just as bad as any other addiction, except this time you are only tapped out on television.

Nintendo Dsi Game Consoles

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Nintendo Dsi Game Consoles
The world of hand held gaming has changed dramatically in recent years and the development of the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite seemed to shift the market into a whole new direction. Recently Nintendo has created and started to distribute the next generation of hand held gaming also known as the Nintendo DSi. In the end, the Nintendo DSi is not a brand new console but is just an improvement of the DS lite with a number of additional features. While the console has been distributed in Japan already it will not be released in the USA until April 2009. It has already been proven to be a hot commodity and supplies for the console are certain to not match the demand.
There are some significant changes with the DSi and some very intriguing added features. Overall the console is close to 15 percent lighter than the original DS lite and boasts an impressive set up with two, that’s right two, digital cameras. Even with the weight reduction the new DSi offers larger screens and much improved speakers. The main changes added to the console have been intended to make the entire console more user-friendly and easier to maneuver and interact with. The design is basic in its simplest form and you really do not have to be comfortable or knowledgeable with the DS Lite in order to work and interact with the New Nintendo DSi.

While the cameras and the lighter, neater design seem to get a lot of the attention in discussions relating to the new DSi, there are a number of added features that are not so obvious. The console now comes with an SD card slot that will allow you the ability to store pictures, audio and even software on an external unit. The audio player itself also offers dramatic improvement and gives you the ability to record your voice or music and adjust the playback accordingly.

Aside from all this added design and new features, possibly the most exciting function offered by the DSi is the ability to download and play games almost instantly. The console has the ability to connect to an online store where you can use Nintendo points to purchase and select from a vast array of downloadable games. Not only does this allow for more options when it comes to game play but it also gives users the ability to try out and play new games without having to make the long trek to a retail store. Or imagine you are on a long trip and want to try something new, then the online store offers a great deal of ease and convenience to your entire hand held gaming experience.

Video Game Testing Jobs C How To Get Paid To

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Video Game Testing Jobs C How To Get Paid To Play Games
Admit it, if you were ever asked to try out a game before anyone else, you would say yes. So what if you get to earn from doing just that too. You can tell your mother off when she tells you that playing games never got you anywhere.

Testing a game for bugs and limitations is necessary for the game designers. But the satisfaction of a player is not something that you can debug. It would ultimately depend on how well the game was made for the taste of different kinds of players.

If you are like me who love playing video and computer games, then it is best that you put your time into good use and try out for the available game tester jobs that can be found online.

You need to have both computer skills and video game playing experience. You need to be able to do basic internet skills like uploading files, emailing and using instant messengers. Feedback is essential and it might be asked from you in various forms.

Knowing how to troubleshoot as well as download and install software are essential skills to becoming a video game tester.

Once you are given a video game testing job, the video game companies will mail you a copy of the beta console game for play testing. Sometimes, there will be a document requiring you to fill out any bugs or weird scenarios you encounter. Other times, you simply need to fill out a form online.

Experience in playing different kinds of games is necessary because this would make you ready for just about any kind of game that would be asked for you to play or test. If you have limited video game playing skill, you might find the game harder to play since a video game tester has to play test almost all kinds of difficulty levels.

Sometimes, play testing games can be tedious since you may be required to play the same level hundreds of times to test for software bugs. However, the pay is good and if you are a hardcore gamer, you get to play games and get paid for it.

Benefit Of Playing A Video Poker Game Against Slot Machines
Men now prefer playing poker game through video. The reason might not be too far fetch. If you read on you would be able to get a practical reason for this.
Why video poker:
Slot machines offer incredible odds that are seldom decipher and as such cannot be easily won (that is win big dough), while it is more easy to win in video poker machines. It is designed to give the player the sense of belonging as a poker player. It is also easy to win in lieu of accommodating large sum. Each player can have the mind set of a skilled player rather than that of mere luck.
Here choosing different slot machines are not the focus but choosing the row to play with. This option is not visible in slot machines where when you press the button or pull the lever, you loose control immediately. The main principle however is to win a jackpot, either by getting the appropriate numbers right or certain alignment of symbols correct or getting a royal poker flushes. To engage in this in video games you must pick from a number of five hand cards.
Why it is not possible to stop and be back, yet continue exactly where you stopped in a slot machine game it is actually possible in video poker games. In a slot machine the moment you decide to halt, you have to clear the machine for the next person to try. Whereas in video poker you can sit for a round or two; halt and then continue where you stopped.
Due to the fact that you can sit out any round in a video poker even when your card are not any good you have a bigger chance of winning a bigger dough, whether you are playing games or online based casino games even when is a small machine in a bar or in a regional gas station.
It is also encouraging that the chance of winning big in a video poker than in a slot machine. Statistically, in video poker forum and in other resource articles around the web it is commonly noticed that it is possible hitting big in video poker than video slot machines.
I guess one can be proactive when forming an opinion on which of these afore mentioned games one should be inclined. Mastering the two world have been a good enough tactics especially for those who still love the clinking sound of a slot machine

Video Game Systems – What is the Next System You

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Video Game Systems – What is the Next System You Should Buy
When you are looking to purchase video games systems, one thing that you should think about is what you want to use the system for. There are three primary systems you will probably look into buying: the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Sony Playstation 3.

Microsoft Xbox is the first of the video games systems to be talked about in this article. One of the greatest benefits with Xbox is the online gaming. No matter what game you are playing, the way to connect is the same. Some people feel that this is more a system for older people since it can be hard to find a wide variety of games which are suitable for the entire family. It has also has large hard drive so that you can store a great deal of information on here besides simply playing games.

The Sony Playstation 3 is the second of the video games systems. If you are shopping all three systems, this will probably top the price list. It has a Blue Ray so that you can play high definition DVDs. The graphics for this system are amazing. There are not as many games for this particular system as there are for other video games systems. Some PS1 and PS2 games cannot be played on the Playstation 3 because of a lack of backwards compatibility. This system has a great potential for the future because of some of its features so you can look at this purchase as good for the present and potentially great for the future.

If you like to be active instead of sitting and playing video games, you should look into a Wii. With the Wii Fit, you are able to be active. The controller is motion-sensitive so you have to get your body involved to enjoy this. This normally is the least expensive of the three different consoles mentioned in this article. One of the great benefits to this particular system is that it is so simple to use that anyone should be able to pick up a controller and enjoy it. You can even download old games that Nintendo has had for its other gaming systems. There are many more family friendly games if you want a system to appeal to everyone in your family.

Hopefully these different thoughts can give you an idea what of the three different video games systems you may want to buy. One system is not necessarily better than the other but it is about you finding the system that is right for you. That will lead to the great enjoyment and fun on your part.

2008 Bcs Championship Game – Florida’s Tebow, Harvin and Defense Send Oklahoma Home a Loser, 24-14
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When on patrol in a war zone and we are suddenly ambushed and outnumbered 10-to-1 and I have my choice of any player on the Florida and Oklahoma football teams, give me Tim Tebow. Any guy who believes in God and fights to his last breath is someone worthy of my trust.

Millions of television viewers found out during the BCS national championship game why Tim Tebow is the first choice of winners in any competition.

Tebow, Percy Harvin and a tenacious Florida Gator defense shut down an Oklahoma team that led the nation in scoring (51+ points a game) and was 3rd in both passing offense (349+ yards per game) and total offense (547+ yards per game) by limiting the Sooners to 14 points in a 24-14 victory for the national title Tuesday (1-8-09).

After a scoreless 1st quarter, Tebow found Louis Murphy for a 20-yard touchdown pass to end a 12-play, 86-yard drive as the 2nd quarter started. Not to be outdone, Oklahoma’s quarterback Sam Bradford answered with a 6-yard TD pass to Jermaine Gresham on the Sooners’ ensuing possession.

After Tebow was intercepted by Gerald McCoy and Oklahoma started a drive from the Florida 26-yard line, Chris Brown rushed twice for 24 yards, putting the Sooners on the 1-yard line on 3rd down. Then the Gator defense got plain nasty, stopping Brown for no gain and stopping him for a 2-yard loss when the Gators went for pay dirt rather than attempt a field goal.

The Florida goal-line stand with 5:20 left in the 1st half was classic and no mean feat. Brown had rushed for more than 1,100+ yards during the season and is no easy stop.

Oklahoma would launch another attack just before the half, driving 74 yards to the Florida 6-yard line before Bradford was intercepted with 3 seconds left when 3 Gator players would touch the ball in what looked like a tip drill before Major Wright hung on for the pick near the goal line. At the half it was 7-up.

With approximately 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Florida put together a 13-play, 74-yard drive that culminated with Percy Harvin scoring on a 2-yard run. Two possessions later, Oklahoma would answer with an 11-yard pass to Gresham, his second scoring catch from Bradford. Florida would answer immediately with a 27-yard field goal by Jonathan Phillips, giving the Gators a 17-14 edge. Bradford would be intercepted on the Sooners’ next possession.

Then Tebow and his Florida offensive line would grind out an 11-play, 76-yard drive and take almost 7 minutes off the clock. Tebow was everywhere. He passed for 13 yards, ran for 1, passed for 16, passed for 29, passed for 4, passed for 9, ran for 3 and then charged the line and jump-passed to David Nelson for a 4-yard touchdown.

Oklahoma had the ball and 3 minutes left to erase a 10-point Florida lead. Bradford would throw 3 incompletions, the Gators would take the ball back and the Tebow would punish the Sooners by rushing 6 consecutive times. Oklahoma could not stop Tebow or Florida.

The Sooners’ Sam Bradford won the Heisman Trophy this year (a fact not lost on Tim Tebow who won the Heisman last year), but Tebow outplayed Bradford in the championship game. It was not Bradford’s best day and he looked really ineffective compared to Tebow’s performance. When it counted, Tebow showed up and Bradford did not.

Percy Harvin was huge for Florida, gaining 122 yards on 9 carries (a 13.5 yard average per carry) that included a 52-yard dash that set up the Gators’ go-ahead field goal in the 4th quarter.

The national title was Florida’s 2nd in 3 years, giving it 2 BCS championships and making the Gators the only team with 2 BCS titles besides LSU, which won in the 2003 season and again last year. With Florida’s 2 wins and LSU’s 2 wins, Southeastern Conference teams have won 5 of the first 11 BCS national titles.

Oklahoma, which won the national title in 2000, has now lost its 3rd straight BCS championship game and 5th straight BCS bowl-game. The Sooners’ set a modern record for scoring this year with 702 points and put up at least 60 points in its last 5 games, all of which did not mean squat in its face-off with Florida for the title. What do you want, records or titles?

Florida will be remembered forever for its achievement; Texas fans will have to celebrate the Sooners’ scoring achievements with a private party.

“In the end, I will be glad to try again next year,” said losing Sooner coach Bob Stoops. “If that’s the biggest burden I have to bear in my life, I’m a pretty lucky guy.”

“We’re going to enjoy a big win (and a) national championship,” said winning Gator coach Urban Meyer. “Let someone else worry about that,” continued Meyer, referring to the fact that Utah, Southern California and Texas all thought that they should have played in the national championship game.

Florida finished the season at 13-1 with a national title; Oklahoma was 12-2.